Momentum or defiant?

momentum - damage increase by 10 * current movement speed
defiant - damage increase 25% reduce damage 25%. plus damage per hp% missing

i saw in the stat page that max movement speed is 50% so does that mean that max damage increase from momentum is only 25%? assuming momentum(5). if its the case should defiant be better?

that is the base for momentum. if you have +4 sets. it will be 50 * current

Momentum :smiley:
But it really depends on your build

how is momentum better? i dont know how computations on affixes work. i have adventurer set so i have 37.5% DMG + 37.5 MSpeed. and i pair it with momentum so its 37.5%*50% cause of +4 set so it’s 18.75% additional dmg. should it be better to pair adventurer with defiant because it has a fixed 25% dmg increase instead of 18.75% from momentum? for momentum to gain 25% i need to add at least 12.5% movespeed in one of my equipment to get the 25% dmg. am i wrong with the computation and max movement speed?

Momentum is a good decision if you can max your Move Speed
On the other hand, Defiant is also a good choice, but it’s quite risky. It works great within the Arena :wink:

Base movement speed is 100%. Max movement speed is 200% (100% +50% static +50% buff). Thus, you have 137%*50%=68.75%, I think.

the movement speed in stat page is just buff? what is static?

I’m not certain. But it makes sense that base movement speed should be 100%.

Well, i dont know what class you char is. I’d get momentum if you have a primary or special skill that boosts movement speed and if you have other Set affixes or talent that gives you additional SM.

example for warrior. sprint, knightscharge whirlwind gives + MS.
Zealotry Set boosts MS and Zealous Talent adds MS

my class is rogue btw

my target farming equip is this

i know it’s not the best, wanted to try ascendent, will it work?

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gold find for? or just to farm gold?

movement speed cap on stat page is [50%]. that cap only count direct boost m.speed like legend affix m.speed, mythic stone flight and Dexterity from heroic. so basically u need 2 legend affix move speed. 1 flight and 20 dexterity to have 50% m.speed.the hidden value/Max cap for M.speed is 100%. that another 50% is for indirect boost like sprint skill, zealous talent, zealotry set affix, advanturer set affix eth~. those indirect need certain condition to active like using sprint skill. equip hammer, max hp above 75% loot gold eth eth.

If u ask me what better, i would say both. and if u ask what better to equip i would also equip both. lol. more multiplying more damage.


its a farming equip. so i can max loot.

does the m.speed of adventurer count as direct or indirect boost?

why ask when i already tell. read my previous reply back. slowly~

sorry missed that one. thanks

Here, some very basic maths both at rank 5:

Momentum - increases DMG by 50% * MS. ppl have a base MS of 100, so the MINIMUM bonus is 50%.

Defiant - increases DMG by 25% + (25% * missing HP), the MINIMUM bonus is 25% while the MAXIMUM bonus is just around 50%!

The obvious choice between the two is Momentum.


thanks for clearing that up!

Why not bioth