Monster spawn bug

hi i just bought today monster spawn buff 1 hour … it says that purchase succesful and i paid 53 for it already received confirmation on phone but … the monster spawn buff is stil not active on my account

Have you tried closing the game and coming back in too it. :slight_smile:

yay still no monster pawn boost active

restore purchase

how to restore purchase?

:smiley: @roykiyoy

nothing actually happen when i click it … stil its inactive

when restore it will deactivate now buy it again

i got it now i emailed the support team earlier and now they replied and gave me the boost through the msg box on menu actualy dey add another 15 mins on the boost … im so lucky to have a great dev and support team organizing this game . once again good job team dq

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congrats mate

farming eternal pet sure is hard


Indeed it is :frowning:

i only got 9 legend on 2feats … and i once got eternal pet last month but it got suck affix and also satyr … i was praying to atleast get a crystal pet

There is no crystal pet available.

use eternalized set when killing enslaver

im using eternalized but still no luck haha.

using it was just a higher chance not always will drop eternal but atleast yoy have eternalized maybe that eternalized will kick someday ang give you eternal pet without finishing the feat right