More than 100pts in stats?

hey guys, noob question: how do u get more than 100 points in stats? i have seen many youtube videos and pics with people having more than 100 points they could allocate in stats whether it be in power, health or mana…

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The 300 points you saw was from earlyer version. Shiny box decided it was too long to press 300 times every time you want to respect so they tripled the value of each point and made a total of 103 points


the change was made in Patch 3.0. before, you had to push 294 buttons every time you wanted to change where you wanted your Stat Points. after, you only had to push 98 buttons.

before, you were given 3 points when you gained a level, so you could put 1 point in each of the Stats if you wanted to, but now it is only 1 point per level, but each point is worth 3 of the old ones.

that is why in some older posts, you can see someone with Power 299, Health 5, Mana 5. in newer posts, it would look like this instead: Power 103, Health 5, Mana 5.

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ahhh ok. thanks guys😊

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