More Visual Touch (A big please to de devs)

Before I rephrase my request(s), I do beg a pardon for being fussy and pushy.
I just feel that our lovely game here is lack of color touch in gears.
I always see yellow red armor for my warrior (with pink axe, sword, hammer) hackin and slashing monster.
okay, straight to the point.

  • add more color (black, brown, green, purple, cyan, any color)
  • make a color randomizer for epic, rare, and magic.
  • make legend items look far more wicked and different from the other ones (a flamberge or longsword for legend sword, or something like that).

I do realize how hard the devs try to ‘listen’ to us and dev-ing at the same time, but please, do consider these childish requests for the upcoming patch.

thanks a ton.


And yes i totally agree with the look for items especially the legends. Noob here :smile:

We agree and would like to do a lot more with armor, weapons, animations, etc.

We’re just limited by the fact we only have a few artists, and have to keep focus on one aspect of the game at a time. For example, the focus had previously been Pets, and now that’s done, is focused on Rogue and Rogue abilities/armor.

After that, we’ll move onto whatever is most important. That could be new monsters, tilesets(worlds), weapons, armor, or skill effects/animations. We’ll keep listening to what you guys are interested in, and that will be a large part of our consideration on where our focus will be after Rogue is released.

I like the touch u did on items when enchant elements :smile:

umm, not a very important one, but, can we make the shiny aura on the bottom (feet), like diablo 2? it will be cool.

Agree if only comes with leg items.