Most annoying bug

I was cleaning out a random map with a cartographer on it and this happened to me twice, now as I get to the cartographer i realize its it moving. Whenever I get close it does but I got closer it just stood there and I tried attacking it my arrows went through it , it was like the cartographer was invisible and I couldn’t reset it because I killed everything so I had to just suck it up and buy another map.This has happened twice to me and just my luck this has happened on two legend random maps. I missed out on a lot of rare, and possibly legend items :frowning:

What’s even more annoying than this bug, is people who don’t use the search function and make a new thread on a topic that has been posted before !

Something more annoying then this bug is that if it has been posted about before and still hasn’t been fixed. Also being called annoying is pretty rude because I didn’t use to search bar. Next time just pm me if your gonna say what you said no hard feelings but yeah

@kingjustin what version of dungeon quest are you running? Are you on google Amazon or iOS?


It happened to me once again on a rare map this, thank goodness it wasn’t a legend

I cannot find any thread mentionning if this issue has been addressed or not but I am still experiencing this bug as of IOS 8, DQ ver. 1.8 on an iPad2.

To shed some light onto this bug that ONLY happens on Cartographers, my hypothesis is that unlike the rest of the mob on the map, Cartographers are spawnned immediately at map generation (just like crates and shrines and also similar to crates is that you can kill it off map without seeing it using long rage projectiles like Pistols) instead of when the player gets near him. As the player marchs towards it, monsters and items are created and are in need of IOS resources causing the game to delete some data and remove old idle memory. I have experienced this bug A LOT and can reproduce it at almost a 100% rate:

  1. buy a map that has increased monster spawn.
  2. Explore everywhere BUT the Cartographer leaving him for last.
  3. profit (or lose to bug in this case)

This bug comes in 2 stages. A minor version is that he is still ingame, came move around, attack and be killed but cannot be locked on (auto lock on does not work, Hireling will not attack it and Guided Shot will not hunt it down) and will not have an HP bar or damage numbers when you hit it. The major version is when the unit disappears leaving only an empty sprite that does nothing.

Question: when you run into this issue can you remember if you have changed equipment during your play time in that floor?

Yes. Now that I stopped changing equipment so often, I cannot reproduce this bug anymore.