Most Efficient farm build Mythic 3 with Hirlings Comprehensive Guide


Thanks @CuzegSpiked for this!


You’re welcome. Tbh I needed this myself so I wanted to share this for everyone and to help me if I forget. It’s cool that I came up with this after trying cronos fortune bringer and cronos also taught me a little bit. Mostly me though and reading alot through the previous guides and testing.


Edit: turns out that gold find fortune 20 and in general from hirling doesn’t actually add to the total gold find since gold find doesn’t seem to average but luck and item drops does. That means if you add gold find to a main character in a hirling setup, it will use up mainly your slots alot. Luck and item drops can be on any character which saves space .

Maybe the adventure page seems bugged since I can get 812% cap luck (1012% with fortunate) without actually getting properly 812% luck per character on mythic 3. I mean it’s still 1012% luck but not fully .

I may need to redo this guide since fortune 20 Gold Find on Hirling doesn’t apply to the actual average gold find.

Screenshots here: Im confused


Yep somehow I get 1012% luck even if I don’t get full 812.5% luck per character with fortunate but 775% per character. Doesn’t make sense yet it shows that way.

Gold find from hirlings don’t apply of course but only from the main character in a hirling farm build so more slots than I expected would be used.


Epithany eh ? I have to test it out. Currently I have a crystalline hat, eternalized wand, nadroji hunter ring and nadroji sanctuary ring. I have a shield with a nice crytstal luck affix and an eternal adventurer coat. My hirelings are just my chimera stock of characters with no luck orientated gear. Im doing this all wrong.


OK. Trust me you will thank me later once you try epiphany. It really pays off in the long run.


How many epiphany items should I wear? @CuzegSpiked


Epiphany (5) is more than enough tbh. You can go higher but to save set slots, Epiphany (5) as 25% increased stat caps is still huge on farming affixes and any affixes. Only thing not affected by epiphany seems to be All sets (and maybe all talents/all skills but I haven’t fully tested and have doubts).

Of course do use 2x 2+ All sets as you know.


Right. I crafted an epiphany ring yesterday and I’ve noticed an improvement. Need to unlock a nadroji robe for the bonus with my nadroji hunter ring then