Most legends found on one floor!

So after finding no less than 5 legend during one floor run I decided to see if anyone has been just as lucky or even more lucky.
So post away:)

I’m not rigged for luck / items, but did manage to find three on a single floor.

I think around 500 or so… but I might have cheated.

I feel that the amount of luck that I have still doesn’t make them drop that much more, sometimes I don’t find a single legend for 10+ floors.
noticably there’s a lot more epic drops though.

from one monster ? :smile:

I managed to get 4 on one floor, sadly enough it was 3 times the same :confused:
But yea sometimes no legends for many floors but much more epics then :smile:

About those legendary items… I almost always find the same items. My preferred weapon with the mage is a glove. Is there even a legendary one? Cause I can’t seem to find it if there is…

Ofcourse is there a legendary gloove
Just check the DQ wiki and u will see.

haha I think I have found those gloves the most of all legendaries:P and I don’t like them hehe. it’s called “gorlex’s something”