Mp and Hp!

So yesterday i leveled to 60 and I noticed that I didn’t have any mana buy I could still attack everything. But turns out my hp is my mana now, I am so confused and I don’t think I did anything wrong. My weapon use to use mana now it switched to hp. On my stats page i have 63 points on mana but it still says 0 right below that. I need help please!! :confused:

@kingjustin its that because you have in your equipment item with Green Set Affix Blood Magic it convert all from mp and mp regen to Hp and hp regen :smiley:

Im a total noob… :frowning: how do I switch it back? Or do I just have to unequip the item?

you cant unequip the item but you could switch to another one item without that green set affix :wink:

Yeah I switched it im good now lol thank you

np have fun with playing in dq:-)

Blood Magic is one of the best affixes you can get, and imo THE BEST in a majority of builds. You should seriously consider using it. :wink:

+1 , I will second that. Don’t be too hasty to switch out blood magic, embrace it as it will feature heavily as you progress in the game :wink: