MP thingy

Which is better MP Regen or Mp Absorb? Druidic or Permafrost pls help me make Ultra freez set with mana shield .

No defensive affix works with Manashield since you take no damage so MP regen is your ONLY option between the 2.

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Mp regen is the best . If u are trying to make mana shielder.

Mp absorb is DMG takes man’s instead of life isn’t it? I think your options would be regent or mp on hit/mp leech
Druidic and permafrost are completely different. I go permafrost but I’ve never really used a regent build yet so no need for druidic

Coz I’m planing to put return mythstone. In my set :expressionless: . I thought It’ll be good

MP absorb is meh in my opinion . You have to take damage less than your total mana to even be effective and not be insta killed. For example if you have 15% mana absorb, having 5000 mana, and you take 2000 damage. 15% of 2000 = 300 MP regenerated. Also that damage is apparently reduced to 1700 the 2k dmg. Also you to take damage that doesn’t instantly kill you. I mean it kind of worked in PvP when I tried it but it was meh. It requires me to constantly be hit and reflect dmg being inflicted on me. You need a lot of HP and mana I’m pretty sure and enough MP absorb. In addition you need further means of damage reduction. Also doesn’t work with mana shields for good reason. I did use MP absorb on my PvP rogue using permafrost which was meh but then I dropped it because I didn’t like it and it didn’t really help too much.

In PvE, forget it at later on levels as enemies on high floor will insta kill you. Even without MP absorb, there are much better ways to gain MP and much better ways to reduce dmg.

When bloodmagic used to be the shit, MP absorb used to work in HP which made it overpowered in those days as you take certain amount of damage and your hp gained, reduce damage alot and combine that with leech at the time; that equals op. I think that was before PvP was out but if it were in PvP,it would be very good. It was very good at the time until it was changed to no longer regen up when using bloodmagic in PvE. If you had millions of HP due to bloodmagic, having leech and MP absorb. When you get hit, you can reduce such a huge amount of damage and gain lots of HP back way back then and if you had leech and other means of survival, you could see why it was changed to not work with bloodmagic. In PvP, if it worked with bloodmagic , well I think it would have been very powerful or op.

Only Alchemy does this. As stated in the Dictionnary, MP Absorb “reduces DMG taken and converts it into MP. This happens before any other Damage Reduction modifiers including AR and Resist”.

Let’s say you have 100% Perseverance and would take 10k Bleed. 16% MP Absorb would reduce it to 8.4k DMG and restore 1.6k MP. Then 100% Perseverance will reduce the DMG to 0. In total, the 10k Bleed will do 0 DMG and restore 1.6k MP to you.

No, you dont. MP absorb reduces DMG and restores MP regardless of your MP pool.

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Oh right. I meant you have to not be insta killed or take dmg less than your total hp. An enemy dealing million damage will not give some of that damage into MP unless I use that hp I am pretty sure.

Naw, as stated, MP Absorb applies before any of the other DMG reduction’s. This means that it will apply before you even take damage! You will heal MP, then die. :stuck_out_tongue:

What made MP absorb+Bloodmagic OP pre-2.0 was that with enough DMG reduction, you would NEVER die as it would always heal you to max HP before any damage is taken. This is why it has such a low cap.

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Yeah true :smile:. I was kind of thinking that about the previous patch 2.0 MP Absorb too.

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I guess my confusion is does it convert dmg taken into + mana or does it take away -mana instead of life.

So, even Dodge doesn’t work with Manashield?

(What about when the shield is down due to low MP?)

you can dodge/block an attack while mana shield is up. if you don’t dodge/block an attack, then it will hit the shield, unless the attack misses.