Mr.DemonTastic build(recommended for Wizard)

Build rating 4.5/5(build for climbing 750+ and pvp)currently still fixing build…

Yo I see that ur eternal 99 you should click the exp leaderboards thingy so that you get ranked you’ll instantly be top 100 with the rest of us :wink: :kissing_heart:

No one noticed that I’m the 30rd in the Ethernal League xD

I played with no cheats no nothing I played this game 5hrs a day farming

I’m top 117 in the leader board haha

i just checked mine, my warrior exp is on rank 17.
my wizard legend loot at rank 2. :slight_smile:

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i will name it icy bomb


Mr. Demon’s Demontastic Build.

Wow that’s nice

how about “combo build” haha

The 5 Elemental Tornado build?

How about changing head mythic to harmony and ring to equivalence, since u have +1000hp on hit will this work? And if yes change that +400mp on hit to 10000 hp or something else

Twister and torrent works differently right?

hi. with ur hp, can u withstand monsters damage? my toon is only 1 shotted by them :angry: i cant soloed with my main damager unless ill use it as hireling and choose my tank as main. any suggestion how to survive without dying? ty in advance

ps. correct me if im wrong. i think the faunts gift is useless coz u dont have “luck” affix on that gear.

show some ss or vids plox wanna see ur damage. :smiley:

I think this build is not for farming :3
Item drops, luck, gold find, nadroji, crystalline, eternalize, are some of those basic affix for farming, but this build only have 1 crystal luck :3 i think this is for Climbing :3

Mrs. Demon’s Demontastic Build…?

last how about “Elemental Kings” hahaha

how do you make that equip? is it drop item?

Equip what?