Mr.scooty i need help on your immortal build


What mh those have strength affix cuz idont know what mh do you use. Btw thats why im gonna build your immortal build cuz @Sir.Lancelot127 hate my troll build cuz he cant kill my wizzard

Reply asap @Mr_Scooty


Try to read your codex too …there’s a lot of them​:joy::joy:


Leaderer’s Lance has both +5000 Armor and 10 Strength.:kissing_heart:


Hahaha my brain is cracking


it is interesting the things you find when looking at the Legend items in the Codex. lots of great build ideas. I like using Dexterity in my builds. one item is from Wizard (the Class I am using now) and the other I got from Rogue. just need to look around and take notes on whatever you are looking for.


I love playing with jaspers. It’s a game within a game and unlocks ideas