MrMaru - Scattershot Rogue with Gameplay video


There has been several scattershot builds in the forum. I’ve learned from those and made some tweaks to their builds to make it suitable for my current floor difficulty. Thanks to all who have published their scattershot build here, especially Dieeter and Grinder.

I’ve incorporated Momentum, almost maxed movespeed, glasscannon affixe and a Chakram is used instead (Chakram has the highest base damage out of the 4 Rogue wpns)

A lot of HP and AR have been traded for damage. Reason being, at Floor 800+, with over 200k HP and 300K AR, my toon still get 1 shotted pretty often. As such, the role of Stealth here is the fundamental for surving. This build’s damage floor and ceiling is about 2B and 29B respectively without damage shrine. Even with this damage range, i’m unable to 1 hit the normal creeps sometimes. It’s a challenge.

The challenge that i’ve encountered is actually the micromanagement required. (CD of scatter, Stealth, Vault, Kiting)

You definitely wants Stealth to be up all the time. With Veil and Deadly Arts, the CD is much faster than the duration of Stealth. However, upon activation of Stealth when in Stealth mode. It would revert you into vulnerable mode and Stealth goes into CD again. The duration of Stealth has to be taken well, usually is about 3-4 shots of scatter.

You may refer to the gameplay video for more details. Gears and stats page will be shown towards the end of the video. This is taken on Floor 835 EP 8.

Neat neat!

A little bit more explainations or details would be nice :smile:
Btw nice work and keep rocking :wink:

(PS : Thanks for the credit! :smile: )