MS Boosts

Guys I doing MS warrior farm build:

But I don’t know are zealous,KC,Whirlwind and spirit skills effect to momentum? So if I have no Ms bonus on my build but if I use zealous and KC+spirit can I will get Momentum’s DMG%+ bonus?

Yes. Anything that gives Move Speed will increase DMG from momentum as long as its bonus MS such as from your skills, sets, hero points and talents. You can even get away with Momentum increased DNG with just Knightscharge and other skills like shieldwall move speed alone or sprint but dexterity 20 is a nice bonus and adventurer as well as the one legend 15% move speed.

Well but is the limit same with cap? So can we gain more MS more than cap?

Its 100% overall cap so you can get up to 100% cap with just skills alone or sets/talents/mythics and hero points alone. The legend Move Speed is 50% cap or 62.5% with Epiphany rank (5). However, overall cap which can either be Legend move speed + other skills, sets, affixes, mythical, or by using everything but the legend move speed is 100%.

Basically the cap is 100% bonus move speed all around in terms of the movement gains in any form and momentum gains DMG from up to 100% move speed. At (5), basically 50*100% = 50% increased DMG.

I think it can be possible to gain more DMG from momentum even if above 100% move speed, even if the actual move gains stop but I got to test that to make sure.

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