Much bugs

  1. My wizzard was lvl 99 then he was lvl1
  2. The Servers r laggy after New update sometimes i have to Go 4 times over 1 item to get IT
  3. I buyed Monster spawn IT was running out at 2 min then i buyed again after next Map IT says i dont have monsterspawn = i paid for nothing was Not the First time
  4. Normal i got with 500%goldfind 5k maybe each Monster if i was on legend Map i get the Double of this and more items after legend Map so i think much buggy what to do?

What to do?

  1. Contact support
  2. Never happen to me, check your connection speed
  3. Contact support with the email you used to purchase
  4. Not sure what you mean, but if you’re talking about laggy, try turning off DMG number and use low FX