Multi-player mode

Is there a multi player mode in Dungeon Quest?

nope. (not yet).
but you can hire 1 of your characters from the other save slots, if you bought them and have created another class. :smile:

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The devs say it will probably get implemented, but that is just a huge task with programming, servers and whatnot… If it comes, probably not in the near future.

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Understood the hire thing,though a multi player would make this game so much better!

Im hoping that when they make this game into multiplayer hoping that it can still be played as single player.

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could be, that Shinyboxgames will implement multiplayer in the future. most probably that this game is mainly going to be single player orientated, multiplayer will surely be additional to play, not obligated.

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Yeah it will be nice if theres a single player and a multiplayer like the dungn h*er game. And other floors will be hard to finish so they needed a party

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Just ask yourself, how much budget gameloft has, compated to shinybox. Considering the difference, shinybox have come up with a tremendously good game, that offers almost infinite variety and progress without a moneysucker.

At least after DH2 (one of the best mobile games for sure), the game got turned into a “shut up and give me your money” kind of game, that offered no progression unless you grind countless hours or spend money. Dq is just better in almost all aspects and im sure, that buying some items in dq would get you the multiplayer faster.

I tried DH3 graphics are good but it is so boring and hard to farm gold. Unlike DQ fun to play and it is not boring cuz you have goals to finish

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