Murdering a mythic boss

I just checked my files and found old clips and recording of my games lol.

Here a 15 seconds massacre with my lazy build against mythic boss, i think this build can handle a 0.1 - 0.3 heal but not 0.4 above.
Crushig blow ftw baby.


Woah. Now that’s what I call Mythical. As I thought all this time Skullshield is the way to go. :blush:

That’s some amazing hit frequency too, no timewarp as well. Timewarp can speed this up further , at least the projectile speed. Crushing flames is great too and just the sheer DPS. Crushing blow ftw as you say.
Skullshield or as I use to call em/remember, Hyrdas.


Yes, this one is a (hit frequency) build, from storm, orb, sh. I always hated the taunt frozen combo killing epic and legendary bosses with mob explode.
Yup, timewarp is what i used when fighting bosses, but i think i use shatter that time because i was just farming xD