Mutiny and Insolance

So i’ve been farming for weeks at floor 200 mythic 3 with max item drops and max luck. But apparently i still havent got any… am i doing anything wrong or RNGOD just playing with me?

Are you killing Epic+ enemies? That’s what items that say “drop from powerful enemies” I’m the codex come from. If not, you should use a Hunter Ring.

You are working on the right floor and your max values are perfect. Do you have Nadroji equipped? My farming build has Nadroji (7) or 87.5% to find extremely rare items. My luck, item drops and gold find are maxed.

I’m on nadroji(6) and switching to hunter ring everytime i activate the shrine. All i do is clear the shrine and boss and repeat.

Hmm. Have you tried buying maps from the shop that have 1000%+ luck etc with map quality >0%?? Each map is 50K gold but worth it if you get a great drop. I seem to have better luck with higher level maps that have higher quality. Just my two cents.

Those stat increases (unless it’s legend) only affect the chest at the end of the map. Just use Nadroji, Luck, Item Drop, and Hunter Ring. And also pray to RNGesus.

Should i farm floor 200 map or just normal floor?

That’s up to you. If you can handle pack size, that’s more beneficial.

Farm the map floor (bought or drop from Cartographer). Pack size really helps a lot, and you can’t get that on normal floors. Magic, Rare and Epic Enemies% helps a lot too, and pack size plus those is just heaven. :smiley:

i can clear mythic 3 pretty fast… just pray for the best.