Mutiny gauntlet

Has anyone got the above said item?

yep, alot, and alot wasted too on crafting.

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Figures I can’t seem to find that or that dang bow only things giving me a hard time

in another thread you mentioned being on a wizard, is that necessary for it to drop or just improves the chances?


I edited my post, was reading about destiny (another game) when I wrote that lol

if u play solo other class drop is random (between 3 class) the drop will be hard. using wizard or hireling wizard will just between those 2 class. or if u have main wizard and hireling wizard. it will just focus on 1 class. much better.maximum luck, I.Drop and wear nadroji will most likely the biggest help.

thanks for explaining, I cant buy a second character for a few more days but that will be very useful information!