My Aftermath [PVP or PVE] set build (WIZARD). Suggestions to add more DPS?

What do you think of my gear. I will add elixir to catacylsm when i remove orb proc but what should i have to increase huge dps. A set affix i should have to increase elemental dps once i have 2+ sets crystal because the aftermath will be 5 if i add elixir to cataclysm. I hope you guys come up with great suggestions.

This build is for pvp mostly because aftermath at 3 isnt the best for pve. I use nadroji and crystalised for pve to farm.
The main point is the stealth proc allows me to be invisible so i can attack those rogues that shoot extremly far away with shatter and procs from cataclysm. What also makes the build flexible is the extra attack chances add lots of damage and the energy mythic so i can spam comets without worrying the mana will run out in PvP. I dont have to worry about mp leech in PvP which is the added bonus. I just wanted suggestions so I add more dps and win more battles in battle arena.

I do try to make this build flexible in both PVP and PVE. I just want some ideas to add a bit more dps for a huge difference and probably better affixes to make this set more powerful in pvp.

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Hey buddy how did you get the aftermath bonus off of frostfire?

Check the date…this thread was before 2.1, so Frostfire didn’t come with the bonus affix back then. And don’t necropost please.