My beginning of a farming warrior

the last one I switch depends on bosses but I only reached floor 141 on normal with it an I have got a decent amount of legends with it. Got maybe 3 Crystal gears an 1 eternal so far. So I’m thinking about going back to floor 100 or so an move the difficulty from normal to mystic 1. Would my chances of getting better gears go up as well?

Nice nadrojis, too bad I only got 1 so far at floor 400+:cry:

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Thanx brotha. Yea the. Helm I’m gonna change if u don’t get anymore eternal gears. Maybe a vampire touch. I might just find read up an see what would be a good one. I’m just in-game poor an don’t have the resources to make any gears yet. But that shield zealotry is really helpful with that hammer cuz of the skill thing that it has…

Well my farming build is still a work in progress. But here it is as of to date.

well you can’t see the last 2. But my health is over 100k An my earthshatter is just over 2 mil. Forgot my pet … Dang it.