My Build

Ok here’s my PVE own version build… this is my 1st time sharing my build…Hope u like it… Enjoy😊

how about try to add some 5000 elemental dmg to increase dmg

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Wow you’re a big fan of crushing blow, huh?
Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but crushing blow doesn’t work against boss monsters, right?
Assuming that’s true, you’re wasting 2 crystal affix slots. I would think deadly strike 30% x2, or maybe some Luck would benefit you more, or maybe some cooldown. Would also get Crit dmg to the cap.

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actually im a fun of crushing blow too … but only 1x30% crushing is enough … i cant even imagine going 1500+ floors without crushing blow lol (except if ur greengarden build)

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unfortunately im so unlucky when it comes to enchant crystals… but dont worry, i will fix my build… actually this is not final tho… still farming some crystals and items… :slight_smile:

im only floor 450+ and still aiming for floor 500 up… anyway i should be on floor 1000+ if im not only busy from school… but still dont have enough time for farming…

Green garden with crushing blow ftw because there will never be a floor that won’t stop you! Hachimon with crushing blow is understandable because you need to defeat one enemies that is frozen for the frozen explosion to happen and deal huge dmg.

1 crushing blow is more than enough. Problem is that on a boss, a high dmg attack can randomly crushing blow and only deal 3% dmg or less to hp. On normal enemies, it’s very helpful and certain other enemies.

crushibg blow, deadly strike key point for high floors

Yup. I will have to replace one of my crystal affixes like block for eg though to get deadly strike. Well, it is a good idea because it is survivable but I have yet to test it. My issue is survival as in avoid being 1 hit ko’ed even if i deal great dmg at floor 1000 which i do.

Aethereal = comic power (wiza) :arrow_up: mp regen

100% elemental crit? Does that mean high elemental crit in pvp? In pve, you only need 30% to be stable. Aetheral drain is nice for pvp for the elemental crit reason. In pve, not really all that useful but it’s up to you.

I plan to go back to ice elem. So that i can deal 300.00+b something… hehe

One thing I learnt today. NEVER Pair energy with 50% barbarian. The original cost of the skill doesn’t change to fit the new mana requirement so it is more expensive to cast the same skill. It is good if you use sprint though with prayer on hachimon but I recommend never use energy with barbarian. It’s no wonder I kept dying. Too greedy for power lol.

Haha… too hungry for damage… lmao :joy:

barbarian would be best paired with primary skill build. (probably with discordance also)

ya i prefer push to the limit in energy mythic…on my bowrogue ican still cast stealth and maintain 100%energy all the timecuz of mp on hit affix from pe

@krak actually u can easily deal billions with crushinh blow above 1k+ flor…

my main also using chakram but im a reactor build u can try it pretty versatile against mobs/boss/carto w/living force

Ikr! I’m gonna try that build with reactor, living force, cosmic power even, discordance orb. I will try it for rogue and with fire shock idea to see how much insane dmg I get.

I worked out I get an insane number but I only theorized, not actually tested it yet. Perfecting 1 build with a somewhat new concept is just hard and time consuming let alone two builds.

I will show the wizard fire shock build when I’m ready. I just need to make sure it is more successful in survival with high dmg.

i suggest get wiz hireling having max timewarp with cosmic is good.

idont know if its a bug or not … discordance i tried on my chakram but doest work but i tried on bow gun and blade seems working fine

My point with crushing blow is that once you are 1 hitting most monsters, crushing blow is irrelevant. I’m up around floor 700+ with my wizard, but have taken a hiatus climbing floors to ascend my characters where crushing blow just isn’t needed. I can see how it would help on high floors, but not for the average player below floor ~500. Those affix slots could be used for all kinds of other abilities imho.