My farming build

First of all you need to save all those legends that has +pick up radius and the rest convert to get crytals bcos thats the core to this build.

this build will not be possible if @cronos4321 ddnt post his fortune build. It takes time for me to decide if how i make it more useful and not regret later bcos i use lots of crystal just to have this instead of doing arena builds but ofc farming is needed to get more rare items.
-i ddnt post the pet bcos its flexible to use any pet. the epic affix is not important just be sure to have the correct set affix. I have fauns gift to in my pet. So you can have any other pet. Just do the changing.
The good thing in this build is you can maximize the crystal affix coz there not much legend affix needed.
Set affixes should be:
Fauns gift
Vampiric touch
Battle mage (jasper to wizard to get it)
Adventurer ( to help you run faster coz u have high pick up)
Satyrs spirit (the pick up radius item has this)

-make all the nature greed to cap the gold find
-the mythic exposed i think is bad there coz it says projectile. i cant do a thing now coz its there already Maybe experiment and find more suitable mythic for the chest. The rest mythics are good for me since it help you maximize farming.
-This build is good for easy-m3. If u decide m3 make sure have damager like chronos lohko build or wrath build.

nice. u have 8 million hp lol. for armor i suggest u get equivalent mythic skill. and use prayer talent on necklace. everytime u use OH skill u heal for 20% max hp. if u dont have equivalent. and at current hp. (8million) heal 20%ax hp is equal to 1.6million per OH skill used and harmony heal vice verse of amount u heal by 25% its around 300k mp heal.

Anyway i glad that my setup actually gibe ppl more inspiration to make 1 farming build instead of wish something like unknown location item can get through pvp chest lol

yes thats 8m. Haha .It might take time to make equivallence. Still no resources but i will take not of it. :smiley: and about the prayer i ddnt use it bcos of alchemy. Alchemy actually heals enormous hp. Around 4m per heal dunno why. :smile:
Thanks for the support.

Do you know if vimpire touch counter out prayer.

No it doesnt. Only the hp regen will be remove But the leech is still up.

It seem like I don’t get any HP back lol

wjat do u mean. vampiric counter prayer.? if u mean by apply bleed heal 1% max hp. then it work. all sort of heal will be vice verse by harmony.

As far as I know vampiric touch works with prayer. I’ve been using it.

Try checking your items. Maybe somethings jamming your leech. :smile: as what chronos said also with harmony it works well. So %heals are good with vampiric touch.

alchemy increase damage, also increase damage u receive, what else it in description lol i not remember. but still i dont see alchemy help increasing heal effect, (that was what i remember)

Yeah same. But maybe bcos its too much hp. The more it leech. But it certainly heals around 4m :smiley: its hard to time up the screenshot for the healso fast to disappear.

I think I might be doing something wrong lol. Or my heal is just too low. Only have 400k HP.

I suggest u ask chronos to do some computation base on ur current hp. :smiley:

400k hp with prayer [20 talent/20% heal max hp] u heal 80k hp per OH use it big to me lol

It’s for OH only. You should see a green number when using your OH whenever your hp not full.

@levyyyyy: What skill are you using to clear the mob? Whirlwind I guess?

Considering 80k hp is big for you. 8m hp using prayer is pretty insane then. lol

if im on easy map emman yes. But when im in m3. I have hireling that use lohko build from chronos And i focus the skill point to in guideshot. So it spam multishot with great dmge.

pretty much insane. but considering the max hp u got. its normal to heal that much with prayer.

I’ll switch prayer once i max out hero points. Since wrath help break barrels faster so im still using it for the feats.

What’s your highest DPs hit with your rogue in pvm