My fav weapon :)

Why do i think this is hacked

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Is it possible to have mythic skill without crafting? And it’s a eternal item o.O

Yeah it had 4 empty slots

Hmm… Looks like a bugged name? Emberglow is an orb offhand for Wiz.

no it’s not

it’s fabled item, has 4 slot and come with Mythical set affix and Mythology legend affix

yep, it’s known issue for fabled item, or fully quartz item.

@OP: congratz, you got lucky with the epic affix :laughing:

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I know its not lol, just saying its really good. Perfect rolls

It’s LEGIT AF! :blush:

He is a hacker :slight_smile:
This calls hacks, not luck.

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that soo true.

well well, I didnt know that :laughing:
I thought the item is pretty legit :stuck_out_tongue:

yep I call HAX on that pic. He has to be extremely lucky to get all those epic affixes and sacrifice a lot of eternals to finally get an item with all the eternal affixes you want. Also I wish eternal items were more flexible because they’re so hard to get. I guess they suck because for higher levels, eternal items are as rare as legends with eternalized and floor 1k+ as well as max item drops so they are easy to get. That means if you could remove and add affixes on eternals, they would be extremely powerful along with more mythic flexibility.

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hmm which mythic to put in it