My first crystal affix pn eternal farming weapon :)

Just got this when i bought 14 eternal of this weapon :slight_smile:


That exact weapon is a crucial part of the build I use. :wink:


I really like the affixes on Steiger’s Fortune for a Farm Build, but I don’t like using Wizard Sword. now if there was Refia’s Fortune on a Staff or Clogon’s Fortune on a Gauntlet, I would have used those in a heartbeat!!! :heart_eyes: and maybe a Moderators Fortune for the Wand, for players who like using Wands.

@Tokiba congratz on a good start to your Farm Build. :man_farmer: :woman_farmer: :corn:


Thanks but i already have a farm build wich o call the green wrecking train lol pretty similar to the green garden. All i do is run and monster dies instantly. I farm floor 501 for crystals mostly. But this new weapon ill think about a build for it… just need more sweeeet items like that :slight_smile:

Similar to mine. I use it a lot.

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