My first grinding build ( BOW )

as a new player especially bow user i love guided shoot skill. And this is my first build “”“hihihi
<img src=”/uploads/default/original/2X/9/99ba90ea14ce3d81e7a784392854d5282ce3f3ef.png" width=“690” <img iknew my build isnt the best ever… But still i can pass at least floor 450 with this build…

Note : soory if my post was messed. I am new member here

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Too much deadly strike change your amulet talent :slight_smile:

Change with what sir??? I dont know the other talent for bow on amulet

Your deadly strike I think is cap. Why not change your amulet talent

Change it to ambush. Just an advice though :slight_smile:

Okey ill try your advice… But still i need plagued set to increase my hp… Honest ly my hp is 50k. Thats enoguh to get killed by mobs at floor 400++ or du yu have another advise to me sir?

HP won’t matter on high floors because no matter how much hp you got enemy will still 1 hit you. I prefer getting dodge / block or get your self stealth and max your stealth skill to 40

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I only use plague for arena. Its pretty good for arena. :slight_smile: