My first proc

Does it become easier to find procs cuz I got one and it is 8.9 percent earthshatter

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All of the legend items have been redesigned recently to fit a specific theme, so in a way, yes

Not to make your effort seem trivial, but if I understood your question correctly you are asking if it becomes easier to find items with proc skills on them such as earth shatter?
Fact is that a new player has little to no luck affixes on their gear or added otherwise which aids in finding rarer items, which in turn will possibly have proc skill affix on them. Playing at higher skill levels (very easy to mythic 3, found at the main menu floor selection screen) will give you more luck as well, aiding in better drops. Given time played, grinding floors above 100, you’re going to find yourself finding plenty of these items, more than you can store with max storage and stashes. So in a way, yes it gets easier. Just keep plugging away at the game, you’ll find yourself struggling to decide what items to keep and deleting proc affixes for room for other affixes before you know it.

Ty guys this forum helps me alot