My gameplay experience

Hey guys,

I’ve had a blast playing dungeon quest for the past weeks. I instantly joined you guys on the forums as well.
Now I’m having a lot of trouble to still be motivated to play, I’m at wave 370 and really starting to struggle to progress. My characters feel way to squishy and even when i apply everything to health i still get 1 shotted.

Also theirs is many ??? around item modifications, such as the purple effects and stuff. I have no clue how to get these things and theres in my opinion no proper guidelines?

Game is fun, but maybe to difficult for me.


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I’ll recommend farming in easy difficulty maps with max luck equipments. You will probably get some crystal/eternal legends in this way. Once you have stored a bunch of crystals and mythstones you can upgrade your items or craft stuffs to make your character stronger.

So wave 200~?

200 should be fine. My Mage character has been to 360 at normal difficulty. After I found a crystalline set hat there I replaced my relatively strong items with luck bonus stuffs and returned to floor 200 at easy difficulty. The enemies are weak so I quickly farmed a lot of crystals. I also somehow managed to find two eternalized set items at around 210. So if you find 370+ risky, lower levels are good places to start with and get prepared.

If you are just looking for a fun way to farm, I recommend lowering the difficulty. Until the release of 2.1, Mythic 3 will not be very rewarding given the current balance. I mean you face monsters that are ~100x more difficult than very easy for very little reward boost.

are u seriously.? i mean ×100 harder.? i never try play at very easy. and the reward i think it good enough tho i got alot thing from grinding on M3 floor 500-700 (Loop/Repeat). that buff on map deficulty will be very nice to me lol. Woot woot~

Looking forward to it. Been using Mythic 3 for a long time now.
Benefit is I get high xp for ranking :sunglasses:

Very easy to mythic 3
10059% increase of enemy health
43.75% increase Enemy power
+175% Experience
+350% luck and Gold Find

I know others prefer lower difficulty and just compensate the luck and gold find with gear.
So that’s great news for users that has been on mythic 3 as a default set up.

I don’t know. I find that MYTHIC 3 should be for hardcore players wanting hardcore experience. Hopefully they don’t decrease the damage or enemy power and just increase LUCK etc. The game requires a hardcore “check”

Personal Opinion (nothing to do with future plans):

I think it would be stupid to make M3 easier. People play it because it is challenging! It was my default setting too till I decided to play “efficiently”. Mythic 3 is fun and I would like to be rewarded adequately with the much higher diffuculty. The 1.8.1 patch really helped with the change to epic monsters.

I am too lazy to bring up my old post about this issue (posts did not transfer properly so funding it is difficult). But if my goal is to get leet gear, why would I play on a difficulty that takes 100x longer and not as rewarding (loot wise)? I literally spend 20~40s per map with max farming affixes. Why sacrifice those farming affixes and take 100x longer to kill? The efficiency drop is absurd!

I am pretty sure the devs understand this and will make the difficulties more rewarding.

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