My hireling's weapon disappears

My hireling’s weapon and all the item icon in the bag becomes white. When i reset the game i got a normal sword! This isnt the first time. I even lost my main character’s few weeks ago. Please fix this. I dont want this to happen to my main again.

Hey, please contact the support:

we have seen this issue a few times and it typically deals with items that have bad affixes. I cannot replace the exact item, but email me and I will see what I can do.

Did this happen when you enter map and die to a tnt crate? (usually the hireling)

How did your main lose your item?

When I enter a map and my hireling dies due to this. I don’t revive the hireling or even if I revive I don’t view the inventory and just force close my DQ and just reload again.

With this method I haven’t lost any MH on my hireling.
Force close method is you remove it from your recent apps (I do this)
Or via application force close.

I should have read that post before, I have lost my weapon 2 times because of that bug. The first time it happened my hire even fell from lvl 99 to 1… It always happens when I appear on a box in a tnt proc map

Hey! Sorry for your loss.
Just contact the support. I am sure they will help you: