My Magic Find(Luck) Wizard

So how do you use the orb correctly? I tried using it for a while, but I didn’t get the hang of it. For my offhand I use skulls and I got lucky with drops and have a combination of +12 minions and recall 20 (50% chance to spawn spirit on kill) that still gives +20% damage and extra dps. As I generally don’t run through levels without killing at least half the monsters, I also have 3 blood mage legendarys, that make my minions insanely strong.

So I can have a total luck (with challenges) of ~450 while still dishing out huge amounts of damage with the skulls and my minions, that tank the monsters. I’m only lvl 75 though and haven’t reached floors above 140 so I cant compare my build to yours.

Personally I like double teleporting. So I teleporting out of a group of enemies and then back into that group (using the secondary orb skill). I don’t use auto aim and I have AOE increasing talents as well.

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Off topic I’ve been trying to find out what hero points were and how are they attained?

Killing Epic Guardians and Bosses grant Hero Points. Higher power levels and levels grant more points, to a maximum of 28 Hero Points for Floor 200EP8 and 200EP8 Ignis.

Got it tyvm