My Magic Find(Luck) Wizard

I’m not posting my DPS gear yet since I’m not satisfied yet the highest I was able to get with my current gear is 285k but I only had 900 hp haha.
I’m still looking to get a full ascendant set and I really want to get a full black mage dps set going with blood magic or something.
But it’s hard to save items with the lack of space and testing out different builds is even harder because I just can’t keep all the items that I want to keep, the lack of space it really limiting my customization options right now.

Anyways I would really like to discuss the Wizard class with everyone here and what you guys think about my magic find gear, I would love to find a ritual beads with epic luck and an orb with epic luck but overall I think I’ve found pretty good items, and I’m starting to see that if I get really really lucky some epics can definitely be better than legendaries.

I’m currently doing runs in act 4 floor 160 @ mp3 because of the ICE and so I gave all my items fire resist.
I could do harder MP but I would have to use a different gearset and I’d lose like 150 luck and it would still go much slower.
I’m figuring mp3 is still doable and I’m looking to see how far I can push my survivabilty versus luck and if it’s even worth doing this.
One of the most fun things is doing MF runs I think and creating an mf gear with high dps and surivability is going to be my goal

It’s hard finding such specific items though and I’m throwing away a lot of potentially good stuff that I simply can’t keep.

CRAZY magic find setup…nice hero points as well :smile:

It’s very typical I didn’t expect to get any improvements but yesterday after posting this I actually got quite a few improvements, will edit later.
I’m even able to run on mp4 now because I’ve been able to double my armor rating(3k) and increase my dps since posting this(95k) while actually gaining even more luck.

currently with my wizard my dps is 502k with 366 HP :smiley:

but i try to find better items.