My Main And Hireling Farm Build

Hi guys not played this game in long time was wounding if this is still good build if i need to chage anything can farm up to 400 m3 but hireling starts dieing here is my main stats and gear.

Now here is my hirelings gear

My hireling dose around 50m hits

@Nightbladejay welcome back to DQ!!! :heart_eyes:

first suggestion is tweak the Hirelings A.I. a little bit. it might be a little too aggressive and keeps running into danger.

second, maybe drop the flat Ice DMG on Bomb & flat WD on Chakram, and replace them with Cool Down to spam Smoke Bomb more often to get the Dodge the next Attack more often. as you know, Sanctuary has a 30 second cool down, so while you are waiting for it to be useful again after it saves you from a fatal hit, you are vulnerable.

or replace the flat WD with Crystal Dodge and move the Crystal DMG to another item and put Crystal Block on your OH. doing it this way will make Sanctuary more valuable. you lose a little DMG, but gain a lot on Defense and you’ll die a lot less.

also I notice no movement speed on the Rogue. is it relying on Vault to get out of danger?

I don’t know what your Natures are, but maybe change them all to Luck to open up space on your items where the 2x Luck are placed for more Defense or Offense affixes.

Celerity might be better than Attack Speed for Boomerang, so that might open up more space too.

hope this all helps.

Hiya thanks for the time replying back to me yes rogue is valting over and killing them how do i see natures i fogot a friend off mine made this build for me dose really good but need to updata it

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to see an items Nature, just click on the item. so if you clicked on your Glinting Slicer, in the upper left corner, it would say Glinting Slicer of Greed, for example. and under that would be the items level and a number below that with %, which would be your Item Quality.

you can increase IQ with Emerald up to 25%, and Nature with Beryl (you get 2 choices with this, so it might take time to get the Nature you want if RNG wants to play with you).

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Nature’s are cool. They can address build weaknesses. For example if you had lots of critical damage on your gear but zero critical chance then add death.

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