My mythstone stash is so dry for making my ultimate build. What Do I do?

As you can see here, my mythstone stash is dry compared to crystals because I am converting loads just to try and get master mythstone for bombard mythic. I never knew itbwould take this many mythstones. I spent a bit trying to get elixir which I finally got though. I am so close to finishing build but so far in terms of cost :scream: I cant find fabled staff anywhere even at floor 350+ which will make life easier in terms of crystals. I already spent quite a bit of jaspers to get zircons for mythic sureshot. I still need bombard and vanish but the bombard is taking the most time ! Hopefully my ultimate build finishes in time. I used to have a bank of mythstones but now they’ve vanished. I hope I get the master mythstone from convert 500 achievement. I also want to pray to rng god to get more rubys as well as master mythstone. Wish me luck guys :smiley:

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From Rubik, I believe. Left is salvage, right is convert, x is don’t touch.
Just farm. Forever. Haha. Dungeon Quest = Life Eater.



Hi… i see that you put EAC to your weapon… just wondering if you have any idea on what it does to your meteor skill…

I mean… does it make you drop more meteors? Or does it make your meteors do more damage?

Do you also have idea on what multi-attack do to your meteor skill?


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It qctually increases dmg of comet and I don’t think it drops more meteors. Multi attack does though especially from meteor hero skill.

Oh and since it increases dps, my meteors will do more dmg based on 600% of comets dps. The elemental dmg is added afterwards along with procs. Proc meteor will also do dmg based on comet dps.