My new record in Arena :)

i’v got this spot last week… may be if i have more time to play in arena, i will be the top 1 for a while…

Nice :slight_smile: did you meet my AI Yoy? how easy is it? xD

Cool. Keep good work, but it isn’t really hard getting higher if you already got such place, since everyone is using same build.

Congratulations!!! Keep pushing all the way to first.

Easy. Also yoy is a good A.I. I should have probably done that A.I setup tbh with my build but for some reason I didn’t want a camp setup.

Not that easy though but thanks to having similar build, that’s why.

Yes… your AI is very easy to kill… peace…

Maldebrot is the hardest enemy for me only, and 2nd you Mr. scooty…

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i can kill you in 6 draws but Maldebrot in 12 draws…

Me 10 draws (8 draws gets me first kill on Mr Scooty and Mandelbrot, around 12 although he looks like he’s harder and stepped up his A.I game).

There is a bug right now that enables you to kill me sooner. Hopefully they will fix it soon. Keep up the good work and push to first place!!!

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Wait what? I mean I wasn’t able to kill you sooner until patch 3.0 or the CV nerf so yeah.

Yes @CuzegSpiked I posted the reason in the testing group.

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just take a look i’m now in spot #5… can someone screenshot this because my phone can’t do this… plssss and post it…

Oh now I remember.

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Use bloodless victory and stun them at correct time

so may be i will change my mythic skill in mh wep, may be i will change it in to earthquake… and how about my chest mythic if i use earthquake mythic?

@arrow143 push through to first place!!! You can do it.



my net is so slow…

I wish I could give you my so called terrible internet aka Australian quality UK Internet. Youd love it for DQ since DQ doesn’t care too much about internet speed compared to other applications which is why I liked it , even when I had worse internet’s.

I feel sorry for you though. What’s your net speed. Mine is 1-2mbps which isn’t fast but it’s workable for DQ and website usage and maybe 480p videos on YouTube but that’s it. I had much worse before though.

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