My old Diablo HYBRID Assassin (Pvp)

Main skills where kick, traps, dragon flight, shadow master, whirlwind (from chaos claw) , vemon and mindblast.

Point allocation. 1 point in dragon flight and talon. 1 point in all shadow tree, 3 maxed traps.

Items where all skill items and charms then 9 shadow skill charms and a chaos claw.

Though a small damage doer it could kill any character. I miss my assassins

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Kick skill was allowed no more than 17 points after all items because oy made a delay in movement which made her a sitting duck for paladins and batbs

What server you use to play before.? My pvp character build Orb Sorc…

I used the European server. I had a tri elemtal sorc on patch 9, a barbarian who killed with a warcry (funny) and a teleporting summon nova necro and a bone assassin too :sunglasses:

Ooips I mean bone necro