My own achievement

Just flexing​:rofl::v:


lots of Pets. very helpful if you Ascend all your Characters for all Perks. did you sell all of the slimes?

I didn’t even get at least 1 slime pet… I buy the boost call monster spawn and go to floor 500 and start killing the enslaver and after that i kill the cartographer to move to another floor…

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just buy a map after you kill the Cartographer. that way you can stay on floor 500 and not worry about monsters getting harder to kill and taking longer to get the Pets. this way, you get the Pet, the loot from the Cartographer, and the monsters stay weak on floor 500!

The map is too expensive thats why i just roam the left side part of the map because the enslaver always spawn that area near the fountain and after that i rush to kill the cartographer each map i just spend like 20-30 seconds

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Sell all your pets except for the legend vampiric touch


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