My pain points after playing the new 1.2 patch

I’m currently running a Glass Cannon build wizard with Livid’s wand and a low item-level Emberglow(low mana cost). Below are just a few pain points that I’ve experienced with the new patch while running this build.

1.Luck and Gold Find are now lowered whenever playing floors far below the highest floor achieved
This is probably meant to prevent farming of the lower level floors , however I do hope take they into account those who have reached the high floors and haven’t completed the low-level challenges yet. It is almost impossible to complete the “Finding Epic Items” challenge on the lower level floors if you have reached floor 100 and above.

I’m not sure if it is a bug with the new patch , however I distinctly remembered completing all my challenges before proceeding to the next floor, but after the update, my challenges page shows challenges on the low level floors that were not completed. No biggie I thought , just set the monster level to 5 and equip my best luck gear and epic items should drop like flies. Boy was I surprised to find that my luck is now -45% on the stats page. After 10 to 20 runs , the best items I can find are just Rare items. Completing the challenge is almost impossible now.

  1. Thorns
    This is a real pain for Glass Cannon builds, normally we are shooting enemies from off-screen and I tend to die without even knowing that I’m facing an enemy with thorns. Thorns on monsters really needs to be relooked into. Take a leaf from Diablo 3 and maybe either lower the thorns return damage or don’t allow thorns damage to kill you outright but just leave you at 1 HP or something.

  2. Off-Hand for wizards
    After playing around with the new off-hands for a bit , none of them are able to beat a teleport orb. Especially if you crank the monster power to high levels , the teleport orb is the only off-hand that mitigates monster damage, nothing else comes close. There is no way you can kill monsters fast enough with the other off-hands before you get killed. Might want to improve the other off-hands to be on par with the teleport orb.

  3. +1 Bolt and seeking does not seem to spawn on the new item slots (amulet,robe,hat)
    Not sure if its just me but i found and sold off lots of magic/rares and haven’t seen these 2 affixes spawn on the new items yet.

  4. More information on the item affix mechanics
    Up to now I have no idea what are the ranges for each item level and affix. Does +2 bolt spawn on items ? What is the maximum Glass Cannon value that can spawn on a level 99 legend wand ?

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  1. You’re right, this was intended to prevent farming low levels, but was a bit heavy handed. Expect to see this addressed next patch.

  2. We’ll be changing this to take player’s health in consideration, as right now the damage is based purely on what your damage and the health percentage of the enemy.

  3. As a glass cannon wizard, i can see this. However other builds might benefit more from the other offhands, like a more tanky spiritmancer and tome/skulls. We tried to make Bracer work well with glasscannon, but if we’re seeing that no one is picking it up, we’ll definitely be addressing it.

  4. That’s intended :smile:. Plus bolt on other pieces of gear we found confusing for some players and we wanted to control better how many +bolts are possible, so we limit it to just appear on mainhands now.

  5. Yeah, we really don’t do a great job of making specific information available. We really need some sort of “player guide” or reference. For +glasscannon, it only appears on “Livid’s Wicked Wand” and “Spellbinder” right now, and we’ll likely be throwing this on a few new legends as they come out as well. The max % for glasscannon is 25% per item. + Bolt is only on weapons right now, can throw it on other item slot legends in the future too to make things more interesting. Our cap right now is 2 for performance reasons, but we’ll see what we can do.

Thanks for the feedback, it’s greatly appreciated! And let me know if you’re curious about any of the other specifics… will try to get that available on the website at least at some point.

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  1. Yay !

  2. Yay !

  3. I’m not too sure if a tanky spiritmancer is viable as monsters are hitting for almost 1k+ now just at floor 100+ and monster power lvl 2. Even with Rathma’s Tome, I doubt the minions can survive long enough at the higher levels.

4.+1 bolt and seeking only spawns on mainhands now ? Oooh … I better keep my old rare orbs that have +1 and seeking :smiley:

  1. Glass Cannon is only limited to 25% now ? Then I guess my old Livid’s wand at 50% glass cannon is golden :laughing: I definitely would like to see what are the max range on an affix for each item level on the website, this would definitely help me to know whether if I should re-roll an item or not. 300k per roll is not cheap …
  1. We’ll find a way to make them viable if it turns out no one is having luck with them :smile:

  2. Yup, those are collector’s items now :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Actually I was wrong… forgot totally about epic affix ranges, which will take it to 50%.