My Quickest kill ever!

I just feel so awesome when blinkstrike proc made this happen


Is this a world record?

Looking at how fast u can kill a tanky build make my genesis look even more fragile lol, my rogue probably pufff (gone) in thin air as soon it touch ur toon haha

Lets play a game:

How did I manage to kill him in just 2 seconds?

Sanctuary = Invul for 2 sec
Travel time = 1 sec fastest
Kill time = 1 sec or less to some.

Be a detective. :slight_smile:

do the 2 sec then 1hit :smile:

Be specific. Use your imagination. :slight_smile:

@Eater he is the one who has been reported on the other sides post who has perfect affixes in his trophy…

I’m taking back what I said lol, I’m curious what will happen if I just come to ur toon without attacking. And that the result.

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I cant do that kind of damage that you are thinking. It was a bug of some sort.
Noone could ever do a 2 sec kill.

Heavensent is a bloodmagic user, when he uses MH special skill his hp will turn to 1. I notice that when someone is using modded apk. Just so happen my blinkstike proc activated twice and headed directly to his toon. When i am near he cast a MH special skill then got frozen when i hit him and just die.

Please dont trust everything u see

Ahhh I tho u have some kind of super duper damage that why I let ur ai just hit me but your ai die instead lol.

Btw about HP turn to 1 idk about that. Gonna check that later on. Wanna see if it happen to all or just on certain player

ur lohko build can kill in just a blink of an eye haha

Ahahaha… LOL

Don’t know why he can 2 sec kill my toon.

Heavensents HP will not be reduced too 1 in this scenario for anyone but someone using a modded game version you will be moved into the modded league with the next ban wave we hope too still see you around on the forums and elsewhere though! :smile: