My talent build

I hope u like it guys! I use:
the void tome
maleficus gift
ring with blood magic
magus robes
hat epic with legion
and weapon steiger fortune/golex gauntlet… My dps is low but i can clear ep8 floor 200 with time and being cautious xD but still havent killed ignis this way on ep8

Edit: i figured how to record screen and i uploaded my first video, hope u like it guys

Ver “Dungeon quest Wizard summon build” en YouTube - … ata_player

Screens about your attack and def pages + items would be nice :smile:

Please mod remove this post xD.i moved all ss to main post :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, just missing the “attack page” and u’re done :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, nice build, I got also this kind of stuff based on minions, but I changed to a teleport one…

Can’t wait seeing your ultimate minion’s build, to see if it’s working well at floor 200 ep 8 ^^

I can clean f200 ep8 but it takes time xD i need a rerolled weapon for doing more easy

I invite others to share their builds here :stuck_out_tongue:

How did you take screenshots, I want to show my dps vs my actual dmg. My dmg rolls in the millions but my dps on stat page is 120k :smile:

On android 4.0 ics + using power+volume down u can take ss, on android 2.3 u must be rooted and download any ss app like Screenshot UX for example

I figured it out but my screenshots are to big, can’t get the kb low enough to post on forum

Bump, i updated first post with my first video :smile:

  1. Dat video quality, how do you record this kind of video with that quality, is that a software? (wanna record too, but dunno how)

  2. Great stuff! But would be nice with your screen to edit them (with paint, that’s really fast), to only keep the items (like I do), instead of the whole screen (cause you’ve many screens and it takes too much space!)

  3. Keep working on your stuff!

  4. Can you beat Ignis 8ep with that build?

  5. Are you thinking about crafting your own gears (6 epic affixes, almost maxxed if u’re lucky) ?

1, I used screencast app, i add ss to show settings

2, i know xD but i dont have an app to edit my ss’s
3, i’ll do it
4, i had killed ignis ep8 a few times but it takes so long… Thats why i play ep4
5, and yes im collecting items with talents on 20 and start rerolling… Someday ill make a strong set

Thanks for the software, gonna try it asap :smile:

I’m waiting for your rerolled stuff, can’t wait!

For your screen, do like me : bring your ss from your phone to your pc and edit them with paint, easy and fast :smile:

Thats the problem, my pc has motherboard broken like a year ago n.n’

I would use screencast but that would require rooting; I’m not willing to do that due to warantee/legality issues :confused:

Got exactly the same problem! So I can’t record either :S
Which one are you using m@ssey?

Well the good news is that the latest version of android (4.4 kitkat) supports native video capture. So at least moving forward video cap from an Android device won’t require root!

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Ver “Dungeon quest wizard battlemage + living force” en YouTube - … ata_player

Here i uploaded my 2nd video :smile: i hope u like it people.
Btw on ignis fight i show u what i think its a bug, if i dont move at the fight start i can spam main skill like crazy xD

Noone likes my video ???