My thoughts on the new patch

Brutal. One word summary to the overall feel I get from the new patch. Granted I don’t use any mythic gear, which seems to get buff after buff. I have a lvl 97 rogue pistoleer with a blood magic/ dps build. Blood magic got nerfed… Life leech got nerfed… Even in Battle Arena ricochet is nerfed…

Blood magic used to give a 12.5% buff to all damage which was removed. And Spells now cost double to cast. The already fragile balance I had with lifeleech vs spell costs was tipped hard towards the unfavorable side.

Life leech used to be a % value. I had something like 1.2% on my pistol and another 1.5% on my pet. These were pretty small values but were very impactful when considering that I do millions of DPS. I could refill my hp in just a few hits, making it a good defensive stat as well as fuel for my blood magic. The change to static values (+124 on my pistol and +319 on my pet) makes it not scale at all with my dmg or with crits. The only benefit I can see is when I have a lot of small hits with Ricochet.

On top of those changes, the way resists work has been changed… I used to have over 70% resists and now it’s telling me I’m under 20% resists with the same numbers. I feel super squishy all of a sudden and I have no idea how I’m supposed to raise my resists by nearly triple.

The last nail in the coffin is the Battle Arena… One of the reasons I chose Pistol when deciding on a build was because I like the benefits of doing ranged damage. The main reason that I chose a ranged weapon was because Dungeon Quest has this nice targeting system which lets me not worry too much that I don’t have accurate control over my character. In Battle Arena there is no targeting… I’m completely unable to hit anyone unless they’re really close and directly above me.

I like the new UI and the idea of pvp is great (if you can fix the AI of the enemy to stop spamming skills in spot till they’re out of MP). I like that the company and developers are still actively adding content to the game. I enjoy changes in the meta like this. I just wish it didn’t completely wreck my build.

Resists and Armor will probably be one of the first issues we address in the bug patch coming soonish. The values were being tested heavily right before release and sadly didn’t get enough time to truly tell if they were fair.

Blood Magic always cost double to cast, and it still buffs damage, but it does it differently now based off of missing health. It is a bit of a nerf, but still should be useful with the right build.

For Leech, our thoughts on it are here:

Lastly on pistols, sadly not all abilities will be as useful in pve as they are in pvp. It’s a tough balance. That said we’ll continue to listen to feedback and hopefully improve balance more and more.

Thank you for the feedback :smile:

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Well… In my opinion, it’s all good for changes, many old players quit coz of boredom after their end game builds and nothing else to do.
With changes, they will come back and have to find their way to make new competitive builds. Plus arena system has come, it’s really a good start. Players will have to figure out good PVP builds. I used to post dagger rogue build Zilvia’s Ninja Strike, but it’s damn nerfed now and doesn’t work anymore. So now I’ve switched to bow with Guidedshot build and gathering everything once again to make it strong.
Be strong , don’t frustate!

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Yeah rogues are (unfortunatly) using only (or mostly) 2 kind of builds now :

  • guidedshot (range is op and dmg too)
  • dagger (like clogon’s build)

I wish someone could make a good chakram build !
I’m using a flintlock build and it’s kinda powerful but except me, never seen any flintlock in pvp!

You say dagger clogon but I can’t seem to find said build

regarding the use of pistols in the battle arena (and in pve for that matter), you can actually manipulate how the bullets will ricochet. basically what you wanna do is aim NOT DIRECTLY at the target but AT THE WALL ADJACENT to the target (most efficient with solo targets and when target is near a wall. when the target is quite far, bullets will rebound randomly). you’ll see what i mean when you try this, plus this works best for campers (i.e. wizards skill spamming on the other end of the map). just a little practice with this trick and i’m sure you’ll be owning with your pistols from miles away. the key is to just know where you’re target is and even when you don’t see him/her, you’ll notice his/her hp bar just sapping away :wink: (doesn’t work on wizards with manashield on though–unless you’re damage > regen rate of opponent)

on the matter of leeching and bloodmagic, i do share the same sentiments but understand that they’re there for balance purposes.

i think that’s actually the reason why leech got nerfed in the first place–because of bloodmagic beeing too OP. prior to the update, life/mana steal/leech recovers hp/mp depending on your damage output. seeing as some players dish out up to billions in damage, even at the cap of 5%, you’d still be recovering 50M hp/mp.

I can beat any toon with my blood magic pistal build, just not every time. It is very viable for arena, but you must kill players before they reach you, so it’s pretty much a glass cannon build. I agree the ai needs work. Should only cast when enemy is in range.

im not use camper build in arena but i also not hate that campers spammer. that AI just do what the player set. and that is what the player want. the motive for AI setting dev made is for player to set how their AI should work and behave… they just bit annoying tho. u play arena ofcoz for u to beat all other player toon. there is easy way to beat campers AI. build sneaky toon. avoid those attack teleport/blink/shatter in ur range of attack. kill it. hard way. hit them as they hit u. who got more heal power more damage deal more hp count win…

Hey i have a question for you, on your wizard i think it has a robe on and shows its a mythic but the name is only “robe” what is it supposed to be

Using the mythic called “brutal”

I think that dq should blend out the name of an item in arena too. You can generally guess 75% or more of all affixes from just the name of those items.