My turn for arena πŸ˜πŸ˜‡

So after long periods of testing, mixing, correcting and gaining knowledge ive finally got a build that suits me perfectly :innocent:

Also its not the finished product, barely even a dwarf of whats to be, so keep an eye out :wink:
… Just gotta get its AI perfected :sweat_smile:

All that slapping it took though :laughing:

Mana shield op

Soooo… Yea…

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That damage nice

I have yet to customise it…

You also need to fix your hp its to low for me

Haha, its just about right for what i need

Video or it doesn’t count :smile:

Do you have an app for that? :wink:

Negative. I am far to lazy to capture anything on video so I wouldn’t even know where to begin recommending something for the job.