My warrior is weaksauce

I am trying to figure out an effective warrior build for leveling, my state points are basically 3 2 1 power health and mana , i am currently using a hammer and hatchet in off hand, IM lvl 31 ATM.

Any suggestions on where to place state points and type of equal affixes i should shoot for?

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I’d go full power.
my warrior stats is 200 power and 104 health.
if u happen to have some legend, try to combine blood knight, plagued and terrashaper. u should have a decent armor and hp.
avoid using berserker talented armor.
choose armor with blessed (all resist) or hardened (% armor per hp).
if u know talent build, I’d go champion talent build.
berserker too risky.

I’m getting power through my equipments and i’m putting all of my points in health even if i’m not tankstyle

Because of the warrior passiv : gain armor per stats points in “health” :smile: