My wiz keeps changing hes elements and i have noting for that on my gear/pet is it normal?

Queston got ansered by @deathGG ascendent changes the elements carry on folks.
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Maybe you have elements set equipped.

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I dont and i dont have prismatic

it randomly started happening 1 day agol i have (8) epiphany (5) cosmic power (5) ascendent and (5) Arcanist

I havnt played my wiz in alot of time and i started building hes speck about 3-4 days agol

You run have prismatic on talent? Maybe its on your affixes…

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im taking a pic of all my affix pages and posting them soon

Good idea.

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Updated it feel free to give it a look.

Probably because of specialist :smile: it gives a chance for a skill to cast again and probably in another element heheheh I’m not sure tho but its a high probability.

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just tested it without it and its not from that i will just delete hem and start all olver i guess.

Gona do a test with grey items and blue pet b4 that

Removing specialist like helped a lil its less other elements now

Specialist helps a lot too you know. Also having lots of elements put you at an advantage since your enemies have different resists. But its up to you.

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but elements dont stack that good i guess and i really only need this wiz to aply the ascendent and spamm timewarps my rouge dose the rest and hes elements are important to be on the main target my wiz build is far from compleate aswell

OK ascendent changes my elements and is that normal ? x-x


Didn’t see the ascendant lmao! XD

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Damn guess i have to scrach that out. Thank you for the help.

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one last queston can Arcanist work without ascendent ?

It will work but not as effectively

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I just don’t see them going purple so i think it dosnt.

Nm it should work the same, if it doesnt then its either a bug or they need to fix their description

Wrath and arcane weapons can give arcane debuff but not as effective as ascendant.