Myth word CosmicOrb

Has anyone tried Cosmic Orb? I’m debating making it on a MH with +2 Multi attack and +2 extra hit. Thoughts?

What do you mean by Cyclone Orb? Cyclone on a wizard sword?

As the title says: MYTH WORD Cyclone Orb. And I want to put it on a glove but yes

And therein lies the problem, cause thats not a real thing. [emoji14]
Do you mean CosmicOrb maybe?

Ah crud. Yup lol.

There corrected title :wink:

Does the skill take over primary or secondary? Would it be better to start with another item with +5 skills on it?

Nevermind. Tried it. Kind of lame. Was expecting more, 30% chance of a weak orb firing… meh

Since nobody helped I’ll post my findings:

The myth word successfully now changed the four mythstones (and sockets) into a Mythic affix and no skills are replaced. Instead there’s a 30% proc of a small orb that shoots off forward while normally attacking. Hardly dependable though, just occassional. I guess I was hoping it replaced the primary attack and had a more prominent visual like Diablo’s mage orb. Not overly impressed, am thinking of replacing it with a proper dmg affix that will affect all attacks.

CosmicOrb is kind of lame, and you are so into orbs you’ll be better with reactor and another heavy damage mythic like bombard or apocalypse. Cosmic Orb’s advantage came from the cooldown, which was lost with the change to proc.

Ty for the tip :slight_smile:
also like to add the mythic affix isn’t removable so now I need to make a new weapon. Sigh.