Mythic Crafting

Hi, I’m considering crafting my first mythic. So far so good, but there’s one question I can’t find the answer to.

Can you use a Legendary item (using zircon to add sockets) as a base?
And, same question but with Eternal item (eg, can I use an eternal item and make a mythic out of it?)


Yes and no, with an exception :slight_smile:

Yes to the legendary item. You can use it as a base just strip it of whatever affixes you don’t want using Kyanite crystals and add sockets to it with Zircons.

No to putting a mythic inside an eternal legendary unless it already has 4 sockets (i.e. Fabled Hat / Staff etc. :))

But if you had a 4 socket eternal and put a mythic word in it, wouldn’t you be robbing yourself of 3 affix slots? After the mythic word forms it’s affix there would be 3 unusable affix slots because you can’t use rubies or other affix adding crystals, correct?

Yes, you can then fill free slots with epic affixes.

You can use Topaz and Angelite on Eternal with empty affix slots?

Yes you can add epic and normal affixes.