Mythic enemies

Ok, I am a little enraged right now.

I have faced a mythic Golex. I perfectly understand that he should be like mythic and big and all that stuff, but this is kinda stupid. His size and his animation doesn’t make sense in terms of combat. I have spent a couple mln gold resurrecting over and over, and kept dying to invisible hits. I have checked many times - just standing out of his range and dying without the animation of his flying sphere or anything else.

Maybe he has elemental,bewildering,explosive,freezing,etc affix…

I fought a legendary golex once. And as you said it can kill you with invisible attack. I observed how he fights and discovered that when he poses to punch eventhough you are out of range, ill be hit! So i conclude that when a golex poses a punch attack, its a lock targeted attack. So eventhough you are out of range, still being 1 shot kill.
Maybe thats what is happening. That’s just my observation. :ugeek:

Use torrent as a warrior, it does damage even after death

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i tried golex fightig golexes at act 3s pow8, to learn his skill set, that damned insivible hadouken is a 1HKO, i thougt it was a groundpuch/aoe/iceberg, but now im not sure exactly,

Maybe its an invisible kamehameha… :smiley: