Mythic gone wrong! Help!

I just started playing 6 days ago and just hit lvl 99, I used all my mythics stones and all my crystals to do it… but when I put the right order of mythstone into the sockets it never turned purple… WHAT HAPPENED!!!

Did you place the mythstones on the right piece of gear? For example, Exposed mythic goes on chest etc.

Yea, I used cosmic orb on the boomerangs rogue weapons

Cosmic Orb Mythstones
Gift - 2% MP on hit
Wisdom - 10% Resource Cost
Clarity - 10% Clearcast
Return - 10% MP Absorb

Can you post an image of what you were crafting? It should show the Mythstones I listed above.

When you create a mythic, Dont interchange the positions of mythstones for example: Bombard
Mythstones: Mentor, Endow, Death, Master

From low quality to higher quality mythstone.

Mythics will craft properly no matter the order you place the mythstones :slight_smile:

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There we’re 5 mythstones on my mythic, but the mythstone that is not needed did not overlay.