Mythic items

Anyone have unlocked one of this? Is it any good?

“Guides” Section and you’re asking a question? … moved.

Oops, I thought that was the general discussion… Thanks for moving it diieter :smiley: anyways, have you unlocked one of these mythic?

Most part of them actually, they are awesome :smile: what about you?

I’ve unlocked apocalypse, but it just like three meteors… The furys are not showing…

What class are you playing? I know for sure this works on Wizard :smile:

I also tried it. With arcane was perfect , but when i changed with fire…only meteors.

My wizard cant use it… The first time i try to use it, three furys appeared, but they died immideately… Now everytime i use apocalypse, no furys appear… Edit: tried using arcane, and the three fury shows!!! But not when i change the element…

And it’s done :smile:

@Chaos_envoy can you please share your apocalypse recipe ive been trying to combine my myth stones for days but tough luck i still havent got any mythic weapon.

@shay wow impressive care to share haha. I mean its Christmas ryt. Lol

Gz :smile: