Mythic league 2v2 division 8 to 7

Is there someone here have encounter a fight with my characters Artanis01 with Artanis (wizard) main character and hireling Lyka (rogue)?

if you think they’re cheaters, report them

They are Not a cheater thats me. I don’t know how they fight without my controlled if they are AI when im offline?

yes. your ai … while you are offline.

How to test your ai?

First remove any damager affix in your set .
remove +2 set in ring and amulet.

Dont put any stats in your hero.

Then go to pvp practice match
Watch your ai movement in play as ai.

Then change the ai setting if you dont want their movement . repeat until you satisfied.

Last go to battle arena and fight 1v1 - 2v2 to save the setting you made.


wow, nice tip