Mythic skills

Hey all. I’m looking for a decent farming mythic skill. What I mean by that are there any mythic skills/ procs that can go off without losing control of my character for a moment (skills such as whirlwind where I can continuously move)?

If so, are there any you would recommend?

Thank you in advance.

I’m new to the game so I doubt will be helpful…But can I ask for what class?


You see…Im playing rogue…but for farming almost all my skills are from warrior…lol

My main farming set up only has 3 important gears:

  1. I use Crimson Gear (Battle Mage affix) so I have Charge (from warrior’s lance) and Whirlwind (from warrior’s axe)… The gears also came with Wallprotection Proc and Sprint Proc and +Armor… Also I use two Crimson Gear set so Battle Mage give me 40% extra armor and HP for survivality. With my offhand skill has been changed to Scalp (from warrior’s hatchet), I am basically a warrior with rogue skin lol… Since YOU ARE ALREADY A WARRIOR… Care less about this lol…

  2. 2nd Important gear is my weapon is a Bombardment mythic. Just keep it like that.

  3. Most important 3rd gear is Cataclysm. It gives you 5 Proc skills… Earthshatter, Twister, Storm, Orb, Meteor. And one +elemental damage. I change Orb to Torrent Proc and Earthshatter to Mirrorimage Proc.

How to play:

  • Now you need 2 socket for Master mythstones (+10% All Proc)
  • Other gear is up to you as you see suit.
  • From my experience. On floor 200 difficulty Mythic 1, You can just charge around the map without need to care about the mobs. Because normally anything that you pass trough with will die. Mirrorimage will easily proc and help summon extra skills. You can see you trail is full spammed with various deadly skills.
  • For bosses and mobs crowds, just spam that whirlwind and scalp.

The only down side of this method is, you almost cant see your character anymore due to heavy skills proc…lol…cheers