Mythics Help

Really simple question, is it best to use a non legendary item for a mythic?
Let’s say that I have a Gauntlet with four sockets, is it better to use that gauntlet for CosmicOrb and then use an Amethyst to gain a set affix?
Or is it better to save up for multiple zircon’s and pick a legendary to make a mythic?

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The last one in my opinion but the first option if you don’t really need the legend set items affixes.

in the early and early mid game, your only option is finding items with 4 Sockets, and there are only 2 items from each class that are Legend with 4 Sockets.

in the mid and late game, you either have the gold to convert lower Crystals to Zircon, or you are finding enough of them from farming and killing monsters to put 4 Sockets on an item.

Legend Item vs. Epic & Lower Items: for Legend Items, you have to take off up to four affixes, less if there are already Sockets on it. then you are putting affixes back onto the Legend item. Legend items don’t normally go lower than 75% of the affixes Max value when rolling to improve the affix. so after putting the Mythic affix on, it is easier to get the other affixes to max or higher values. some Legend items have 3 or more affixes that can’t be rolled with Crystals, so then it is choosing which 2 to keep to put a Mythic affix on it.

with non Legend items, it is possible to find items with 4 or more Sockets. you can only have affixes that can be rolled with Crystals or that are already on the item, which are Normal or Epic. also, when rolling to improve the values of your affixes, you end up rolling values anywhere between the affixes min & max. even with an Item Quality of +25%, so unless you are really lucky or have a lot of Crystals to burn, it could take more time and resources to get Max value affixes compared to Legend Items.

now, I have made a few nice Mythic Items from non Legend items, and I think I still have a few somewhere, but later Mythics made from Legend items can be better, especially if you have an item with an affix you can’t get with Crystals, like Defiant Set or +100% ED Legend Affix.